• Empowering Intellectual Property

    Intellect Currency Unit (ICU) or Intellect.Money was created to empower ownership and exchange of the most valuable asset of the post-industrial economy – knowledge – in the form of intellectual property

  • 100% Asset-Based Token Issuance

    Intellect.Money (also known as ICU - Intellect Currency Unit) is the first ever cryptocurrency where the issuance is based completely on the value of the underlying asset – the intellectual property, deposited at Intellect.Fund

  • Independent Valuation and Professional Assets Management

    All our investors are secured by the real-world asset – intellectual property – valued by the cohort of professional appraisals according to the most conservative valuation models

  • Industry Standard Security & Transparency

    We adhere to the strictest blockchain security standards and maintain complete transparency of all transactions to provide unmatched level of accountability and responsibility to our stakeholders

  • Responsive Attitude Towards Environment

    We promote responsive attitude towards the environment by abolishing the excesses of traditional cryptocurrencies, such as competitive mining and ever-growing public ledgers

Fundamental principles of Intellect.Money

100% asset-based coinage

All issued coins must be secured by the underlying assets – intellectual property rights. Emission of coins is carried out only in exchange for the intellectual property assets and only based on independent multi-source valuation of such assets.

Complete transparency and security of transactions

All transactions of coin and asset ownership rights are recorded using cryptographically strong blockchain technologies, based on block hashes verified by one of the trusted operation centers, that guarantee singularity and non-mutability of system ledgers yet keeps the users from the need to store and verify all operations.

Role-based distribution of responsibilities and rewards

Responsive attitude towards environment must not allow for mindless waste of energy and resources. Therefore, Intellect.Money operates on the ground of pre-defined set of roles and proportional distribution of rewards to eliminate unnecessary competition yet keeping service providers at profit.

Unmatched reliability of multi-centered self-governing system

All transactions of Intellect.Money are managed by unique multi-centered distributed self-governing system, that combines the best features of both centralized and decentralized worlds. It is working on top of smart contracts and safety switches, that are in place to guarantee reliable operation even in the case of powerful coordinated attacks on the system.

Be one of the first

Become one of the earliest participants of the Intellect.Money system and
Subscribe to the initial coin placement (Initial Coin Offering)
of ICU crypto currency

Before the start of ICO remains

( UTC Time )

Initial coin pool size: 1 000 000 ICU

Money Of The Future Times

Intellect.Money has all three roles of the fiat money because it serves as:

Medium of exchange

It is easy to buy and sell intellectual property rights via Intellect.Exchange, as well as any other tangible and intangible goods via the growing number of enterprises and entrepreneurs who accept ICUs

Store of value and investment asset

Unlike most other electronic currencies, Intellect.Money has intrinsic value provided by the most priced asset of the post-industrial age – knowledge. Please visit the web site of Intellect.Fund to see more information on how this value is measured and managed

Unit of account

No matter where you live and what is your home currency, your goods, services, investments and intellectual property rights will be valued in ICUs, providing a universal ground for various transactions between our members worldwide

We Guarantee Minimum Commissions and Real Time Transactions

Target of the project is to provide near-real-time transaction experience for our users. Therefore, we do not place any technical restrictions on the size or frequency of transaction blocks. Moreover, to keep our commissions at fair level, we will handle periodic Holland-style auctions to define our transaction commission and reshuffle our pool of service providers in favor of more effective ones.

Join our experts

You have some spare computing power or storage capacity? You have outstanding expertise in making valuations of intangible assets? You have legal practice and wide exposure to the intellectual property market of your country?

Contribute your surplus resources to our project and earn from it!

Become one of our professional service provider and earn money based on your processor time, disk space or professional expertise.

We are totally committed to the IntellectProject and we have made the pledge of all intellectual property rights related to Intellect.Money, Intellect.Fund and Intellect.Exchange into the system itself, to secure the Initial Coin Offering with actual underlying assets. Therefore, starting from our Initial Coin Offering, all our money issuance is 100% secured by assets in the form of intellectual property rights.

Expert valuation of all intellectual property rights of IntellectProject is 1,000,000 USD, which was initially made equal to 1,000,000 ICU and that was the amount of the initial issuance of our tokens. All proceeds from the sale of the initial amount of tokens will be directed into the future development of the project.

Project Timeline

February – April 2019

Establishment of the system of professional service providers, creation of system participant pool (intellectual property owners)

May – August 2019

Development of the fundamental software system (platform), development of client software, implementation of smart contracts and safety switches of the system

September 2019

• System Start-up
• Expansion of the functional
• Advertising and marketing actions
• Access to international markets

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